At St. John’s, we are life-long learners. Our programs seek to facilitate individuals from age 18 to age 108 in their efforts to learn more about the Bible, about the intersection of our faith and our lives, and about our call to do work in the world. We offer a wide range of diversity in our Sunday School Ministry classes. Some of our classes us the Formations Curriculum published by Smyth & Helwys, while others focus their learning using book studies or topics from current events to approach the Bible and their faith. Here are some of the many programs we offer to facilitate adult learning:

Sunday School Ministry (beginning at 9:15 am)

We offer numerous Sunday School classes for adults. Some of these classes focus on Bible study while others study books related to our faith.

Adventure Class
Young Adults and Couples
Bible Study and Topics
Room 102

Cheers Class
Bible Study and Topics
Room 209

Beacon Class
Men’s Class with focus on Bible Study
Formations Curriculum
Room 226

Didymus Class
Couple’s/Co-Ed Class
Formations and Theme-based Curriculum
Room 22

Encouragers Class
Co-Ed Class
Room 106

Farside Class
Couples Class
Co-Ed-Book Studies, Bible studies
Theme-based Curriculum
Room 105

Friendship/Durden/Unity Class
Co-Ed Class
Room 104

Joy Class
Women’s Class
Room 220

McLeod/Brown Class
Couples/Co-Ed Class
Book Studies, Bible studies
Theme-based Curriculum
Room 114

Pathfinders Class
Couples/Co-Ed Class
Book Studies, Bible Studies
Formations, Theme-based Curriculum
Room 103

Seekers Class
Couples/Co-ed Class
Bible study, Bible history, Ethics
Theme-based Curriculum
Room 222

Senior Adult Co-Ed
Couples/Co-ed Class
Room 208

Holy Grounds
This class is open to anyone, every week and offers lively discussion on issues of faith and its interaction with relevant social issues.
Church Conference Room

Bible Study

We offer small group Bible studies, using the Bible Workbench materials, which approach lectionary texts using multiple parallel readings for discussion, along with commentary and questions. Our current ongoing group is the Riverside group, which meets monthly. Contact Martha Kearse ( ) for information about this group or to start your own Bible study.

Other Study Offerings

Book Study–Sponsored by the Women of the Church this group meets weekly, on Mondays at 12pm in Room 209. Together, they do 6-8 week book studies. Recently they have read Barbara Brown Taylor’s Learning to Walk in the Dark and the Companions in Christ book study, The Way of Blessedness.

Fellowship Opportunities

Adult Bible Studies – We use the Bible Workbench to aid our discussion of our lives and our spiritual growth. Bible Workbench follows the Revised Common Lectionary and offers additional readings to give opportunities for pariticpants to apply scripture to their own lives.

Book Club – Book Club that meets every second Tuesday at 11 a.m. in the church library. We would love to have you join us! Childcare arrangements can also be made.