Cancellation of Services – Sunday, January 8, 2017

Good Saturday morning to St. John’s.

I have spoken to Fredda Kimball today, chair of our Deacons, and we have decided to cancel our Sunday morning and evening schedule tomorrow, January 8.
Therefore, NO Sunday School Ministry groups, NO Worship, NO Lunch or Cuba Report, and NO Youth Activities on Sunday evening.
While we did not receive as much snow accumulation as forecasters proposed in center city Charlotte, the layer of ice under the snow and frigid temperatures creates a situation that is treacherous.
I have always erred on the side of safety in situations such as these.
Although some of us could probably make it to 300 Hawthorne Lane, inside our buildings and back home safely, it seems best to be safe than sorry for one day.
The fact that our congregation is scattered all over the metro area, including some areas that received several inches of snow, and realizing driveways, side streets and our church parking lot will present slick spots, it seems best to encourage safety for this Sunday.
Please remember our members who are without electricity due to ice.

A few notes:
Next Sunday, January 15th, Rev. Martha Kearse will be preaching.
On January 22nd, I will offer a sermon focused on the state of St. John’s and our future. (We will also welcome several new members on that day.)
On January 29th, following worship, we will gather in Broach Hall for lunch and a report from our Cuba Trip Team.
On February 5th, we will support our teenagers for our annual Youth Sunday.
Also, please remember, with last Sunday being a holiday (New Year’s Day), tomorrow being a snow Sunday and next Sunday being a school holiday weekend with MLK Day, we are ALL needing to remember to send in our tithes and offerings or to bring them on Sundays, January 15, 22 and 29.

Thank you for your faithfulness.

Be safe.