Board of Deacons

Chair of Diaconate: Randy Brantley

Administrative Panel Ministry Panel Pastoral Panel
Chair: James Laney Chair: Jordan Benton Chair: Melissa Millette & Cindy McIntyre
Vice Chair: Vice Chair: Minh Callaway Vice Chair: Henry Snyder
Secretary: Secretary: Lindsay Wilson Secretary:

Class of 2019

David Allen Jordan Benton Linda Balentine Melissa Millette
Carol Injaychock Charlie Harper Christa Lynch Morgan Newman
Kathy Spence Shannon Rodden Cindy McIntyre Robby Ray
Todd Stillerman Elizabeth Whipple Tricia Miller Alice Wirz

Class of 2020

Jason Benton Minh Callaway Tom Blackmon Jane Newman
Leslie Bragg Judy Godsey Bert Green Gail Sifford
Teri Franklin Anne Sutton Jeff LeVie Henry Snyder
Chuck Howard Lindsay Wilson Kathy Mahnesmith Laura Sorrell

Class of 2021

James Laney (1-year) Allene Cooley Lydia Farnsworth Kathy Turner
Randy Mahnesmith Tim Gibson Libby LeVie Judy Sanford
Greg Rodden Clara Howell Gary McFarland Wesley Watts
Donna Scott Keith Towery Hank Packman

Nancy Wilson

The Diaconate represents the lay-leadership of the Church. Members of the congregation elected to determine, initiate, and support the various ministries of St. John’s Baptist Church with each panel overseeing a different part of our greater whole:

  • Administrative (i.e.- Finance, Human Resources, etc.)
  • Ministry (i.e.- Outreach, Education, Worship, etc.)
  • Pastoral (i.e.- Congregational Care, Relationship Building, etc.)