Are you interested in becoming connected to the life of St. John’s?

In the life and ministry of St. John’s, we take church membership seriously. Our Membership Resource Team offers classes throughout the year to introduce you to the vision, ministries, heritage, etc. of the congregation. This group also hosts receptions during the year to become better acquainted with you and dialogue about your questions.

For us, church membership is not merely placing one’s name on the list of members. Church membership is a commitment to follow Jesus in ministry. For us, church membership is a personal commitment to God and to the other members of St. John’s that one chooses to follow the teachings and lifestyle principles of Jesus by being a ministering member of Christ’s Church through active faithfulness in the life and ministries of St. John’s. When you determine you are ready to become a ministering member of St. John’s, please know it is our philosophy that while we cannot be the church for everyone, we do strive to be a church for anyone. So, when you are ready to receive our commitment to you that we will walk the Christian journey of faith with you and when you are ready to make your commitment to God and to the other ministering members of St. John’s, here is how that happens.

Towards the end of the worship service, we sing a final hymn. During the singing of this hymn, we invite those who wish to join SJBC to come to the front and speak to our Senior Minister or another minister of the day.

We receive members in the following three ways:

  • Profession of faith in Jesus Christ (followed by baptism at a later time)
  • Transfer of membership from another church (no baptism required, no matter your prior church tradition)
  • Statement of previous church membership (no baptism required, no matter your prior church affiliation)

As you consider membership at SJBC, please read our church covenant.  It articulates the commitments we make to each other as a part of the faith community.  If you have additional questions, call the church office (704-333-5428, ext. 11) to speak with one of the ministers.