Job Title: Church Administrator

St. John’s Baptist Church

Charlotte, NC

Updated as of Summer, 2022

STATUS: Full-time. Salaried with benefit structures determined with Personnel Resource Team

HOURS: 35-38 per week (Monday-Thursday, 8:30-4:30; Friday, 8:30-12:00)

REQUIREMENTS: Proficient in computer skills (Microsoft Office – Excel, Outlook, Word — as well as Realm [ACS]); Professional communication skills (telephone, email, writing and editing); Proficient in time management skills (multi-tasking, managing details and organization); Professional relational skills; Protecting confidentialities.

GENERAL PURPOSE OF POSITION: To serve as the primary administrative support person for financial areas of church; working with Finance Resource Team; administering human resources (payroll, benefits, etc.); facilitating contracts with residential partners; administering relationships and needs for vendor services and contractors related to facility maintenance, repairs and capital projects; and supervision of custodial staff.

SUPERVISION: Reports to the senior minister. The Personnel Resource Team works with the senior minister to provide an annual review of the position and an evaluation of the effectiveness of the church administrator’s work. While the person in this position is considered to be a professional, thus is expected to express considerable independence within her/his assigned areas of responsibility. This role requires interdependence in relationship with congregational leaders and staff. The senior minister will meet at least monthly with the church administrator to establish and review goals and objectives, offer spiritual and ministry guidance, and evaluate church administrator’s progress in relation to congregational priorities of St. John’s.


1. Provide administrative support for congregation through:

  • Be available to church members or church staff who might need financial or budgetary information.
  • Receive members, guests, deliveries, and ministry partners through phone system, door security system, or face to face conversations, as needed.

2. Provide administrative support in Financial/Business Operations through:

  • Accounts Payable – Responsible for accounts payables for the church – payments to be made through online banking and by check; process check requests from ministry staff and reimbursements for purchases made for church programs and ministries
  • Audit – work with outside firm to provide all necessary reconciliations and pull all audit paperwork/requests.
  • Banking – reconcile bank accounts monthly to balance with ACS entries; maintain safe deposit box and contents; ensure yearly renewal for line of credit is completed.
  • Change – work will groups collecting money in the church, such as recreation, fellowship dinners, church conferences, mission auction, etc., to provide change and deposit proceeds
  • Realm Church Management Software/Realm/ACS– post contributions, miscellaneous deposits, accounts payable, and other types of entries in Realm; oversee Realm/ACS account and any changes/updates in software system
  • Contribution statements – prepare and mail quarterly statements to church members, to include inserted letters and information; prepare and mail end-of-year statements
  • Credit Card – Manage church credit card account; obtain receipts from users; reconcile and pay bill monthly; post to accounts through church management software/ACS
  • Deposits – Count Sunday contribution receipts with the assistance of a volunteer; prepare Sunday deposits, as well as miscellaneous deposits, and ensure they get to the bank – remotely or physically
  • Drafts/ACH payments – process monthly direct drafts from members’ bank accounts as requested; ensure paperwork is in place for these drafts; update yearly, or as directed
  • End of Year – prepare end-of-year reports and reconciliations on all accounts
  • Memorials – receive memorial contributions; keep a record of contributions and allocation of funds; acknowledge gifts to all parties – giver and recipient or family member
  • Sales Tax – prepare sales tax return twice a year to ensure reimbursement from state
  • Stock – manage stock brokerage accounts for church (Wells Fargo and Bragg Financial); sell stock contributions from members on date received, deposit proceeds and send donor letter indicating gift value.
  • Other responsibilities as assigned.

3. Provide Administrative Support in Human Resources through:

  • Benefits – handle all paperwork for benefits provided to employees, including health, dental, retirement, flexible spending account, life, and disability; handle yearly renewals
  • End of Year –prepare and issue 1099 statements; distribute/mail W-2 statements to all employees
  • Payroll – run bi-weekly payroll for church and weekday staff; set up new employees or deductions in system as needed. Ensure deductions are correctly withheld and add new employees, as needed. Make deposits into Vanguard 403(b) retirement accounts – both church and employee contributions.
  • Personnel Resource Team – coordinate with Team on staff salaries, changes in benefits, and implementation of personnel policies.
  • Other responsibilities as assigned.

4. Administer Custodial Staff As Well As Facility and Resource Usage Including but Not Limited to::

  • Supervise Custodial Staff and Coordinate Their Efforts So As To Ensure Facility Cleanliness and Event Set Up Readiness.
  • Outside Vendors/Contractors – oversee work by outside vendors and contractors, in coordination with maintenance custodian, on property repairs/improvements/extra cleaning and other needs
  • IT – coordination with IT contractor to ensure all computer hardware, software and internet functions are working properly; coordinate outside vendors and repair/installation of internet, phone and wireless service
  • Office Machines – oversee lease/purchase and implementation/installation of office equipment, in coordination with Administrative Assistant; submit bids to Finance Resource Team for decisions
  • Residential Partners – invoice and receive monthly rental payments; l; prepare lease agreements/renewals, in coordination with Administrative Deacon Panel
  • Security System – oversee maintenance and yearly inspection of fire/alarm system; work with vendor on repairs/updates/changes.
  • Other responsibilities as assigned.

5. Provide Administrative Support for Resource Teams and Task Forces through:

  • Budget – work with ministry staff, Finance Resource Team and other teams on budget preparation; create/adjust accounts in ACS as needed; enter budget amounts into ACS for new year
  • Endowment Task Force – work with Task Force on contributions and disbursements
  • Finance Resource Team – prepare monthly financial reports for church; attend monthly Team meetings; distribute reports to ministry staff, deacons and other who oversee budget accounts
  • Giving Campaigns – work with Finance Resource Team on any other pledge campaigns, as well as other groups raising funds in the church (mission offerings, flowers, etc.)
  • Hackney Scholarship – send out yearly letters and checks each semester for scholarship recipients; prepare financial statements, and coordinate yearly compilations and tax return filing with outside firm
  • House & Grounds – communicate with chair on issues relating to building repairs, to include obtaining approval for major repairs or installations, updates on building maintenance and repairs, and coordination of the use of outside vendors
  • Mission Resource Team – work with Team to provide monthly reports of budget and restricted accounts; distribute hunger funds quarterly as directed by Team; send out request letters yearly for budget requests; prepare and mail quarterly mission checks, in coordination with Finance Resource Team
  • Stewardship – work with team on annual stewardship drive, prepare stewardship materials for annual drive and coordinate mailing to members and participants; tally pledges and stay in contact with Finance Resource Team on running total; maintain/update giving envelopes and adjust for extra offerings
  • Trustees – coordinate with Trustees for signatures on financial, legal and church documents, as required.
  • Other responsibilities as assigned.