At St. John’s, we are life-long learners. Our programs seek to facilitate individuals from age 18 to age 108 in their efforts to learn more about the Bible, about the intersection of our faith and our lives, and about our call to do work in the world. We offer a wide range of diversity in our Sunday School Ministry classes and opportunities for fellowship and service throughout each week. Some of our classes us the Formations Curriculum published by Smyth & Helwys, while others focus their learning using book studies or topics from current events to approach the Bible and their faith. Here are some of the many programs we offer to facilitate adult learning and fellowship opportunities.

Fellowship Opportunities

Many small groups in the church meet regularly throughout each week and month. Some attend book or Bible studies, participate in local ministries, have fun at trivia nights or meet at the church for social activities.

Sunday Growth Groups

Held each Sunday at 9:15 am

We offer numerous Sunday Growth Groups for adults. Some of these groups focus on Bible study while others study books related to our faith.


Bible Study/Current Events/Discussion Topics 30s and 40s Room 102/Sanctuary Wing 1st Floor

You’ll know you have found your way into an excellent adventure when you are greeted by the jocularity of this class’s teachers. Together they provide a depth of study and joyful interaction that tackles difficult discussions. You’re invited into this exciting experience of study and onto an excellent adventure!


Bible Study/Formations Curriculum Men’s Class Room 226/Broach Hall Wing 2nd Floor

This class is comprised of men who enjoy fellowship and significant study of the scriptures. Utilizing the Formations curriculum, the Beacon Class uses studies and discussion to stimulate both the heart and the mind.


Bible Study/Discussion Topics 30-Somethings/Young Parents Room 104/Sanctuary Wing 1st Floor

Formed for parents of younger children, the Cheers class enjoys discussing topics relative to their lives and faith journeys. You’re invited to join the Cheers Class if you are looking for a group where you can discuss your faith and be yourself in a fun, easy-going atmosphere.


Formations/Theme-Based Curriculum Couples’/Co-Ed Class Room 224/Broach Hall Wing 2nd Floor

You are welcome to visit the Didymus Class, where we learn through the free exchange of ideas while embracing our belief that “A Difference of Opinion is Not a Threat to Christian Fellowship.” Our teachers utilize the Bible and other books in fostering a serious approach to socially relevant subjects. We also enjoy extracurricular activities including parties, book studies, museum crawls and field trips.


Formations Curriculum Co-Ed Class, Senior Adults Room 106/Sanctuary Wing 1st Floor

This co-ed class warmly welcomes everyone to join them for weekly study and discussion. This combined class is full of thoughtful people who long to learn and bring to their learning their own gifts.

Far Side

Book Study/Bible Study/Theme-Based Curriculum Co-Ed Class Room 105/Sanctuary Wing 1st Floor

Based on the title of the cartoons which decorate the walls of this classroom, you’ll no doubt find the Far Side Class one of the most unique at St. John’s. Where most Baptist Sunday School classes tend to trod on safe soil, this class is willing and anxious to traverse difficult territory. These fun-loving folks incorporate their theological persuasions and studies with their varying world views for in-depth and challenging conversations each Sunday.


Young Adult Class Sanctuary Wing 1st Floor

This group of young adults looks for connections between their faith and their daily lives while nurturing relationships and community with one another. Come be a part of this newest group at St. John’s and grow with them!


Formations Curriculum Women’s Class Room 220/Broach Hall Wing 2nd Floor

In this class, you’ll discover a seemingly quiet group of women. But when the door closes, the fun is well in swing. Together, these women involve themselves in the study of the scriptures while wrestling with the applicability to their lives. One visit with these ladies and you will discover a group that not only experiences the scriptures in the classroom but one that lives its truths. You are invited to experience the nurture, friendship and true joy of the Joy Class.


Book Study/Bible Study/Theme-Based Curriculum Couples’/Co-Ed Class Room 114/Sanctuary Wing 1st Floor

From trips to the beach and the mountains to picnics on the farm, this class honors two of its long-time teachers through its name and is committed to building relationships with each other. This class’s teachers guide their couples and co-ed members to study the scriptures and delve deeply into their own spiritual journeys. Their often lively discussions are open to anyone. You will be blessed by this class’s welcoming spirit! Come learn with them!


Bible Study/Discussion/Theme-Based Curriculum Couples’/Co-Ed Class Room 103/Sanctuary Wing 1st Floor

This class is primarily composed of married couples with children. They follow a discussion format and usually deal with discussion studies of books of other theme-based materials. Outside of each Sunday, the Pathfinders enjoy social activities based upon or oriented around their families and children.


Bible Study/Bible History/Ethics Co-Ed Class Room 222/Broach Hall Wing 2nd Floor

A gifted class with gifted teachers! This group of brave souls traverses exciting Biblical territory each week, steeped in deep discussion as they wrestle with grand theological questions and work to deepen their spiritual relationships through their searching processes. Utilizing a variety of books and commentaries for study, the Seekers uphold the great tradition of St. Johns, where all ideas are accepted, a place where none of those ideas separate each of us from one another.