“We will be a servant church, recognizing the infinite worth of every person and believing that Christ has called us to active involvement on behalf of human brotherhood.”

– St. John’s Covenant

Habitat2014These words find their roots in our church covenant and their fruits in the tangible examples of our church members as they live out lives of servants. It is the job of our Mission Resource Team to help every member find a place to serve. To do so, we divide ourselves into the six teams described below. Focusing on these six topical areas, we seek to work alongside a variety of local agencies in hands-on ministry as well as through financial support. Click here for a link to a PDF of our Mission Resource Team Booket, listing all of our mission partnerships!

Children and FamiliesThis team is composed of members who long to nurture the relationships of Charlotte’s families and their children. Through advocacy and our financial support, this team works together to make a difference. They work specifically with Crisis Assistance Ministry, and A Child’s Place.

EducationSt. John’s affiliations assist us in reaching out to many groups. Often, these are government-sponsored groups whose funding needs may be insufficient. We seek to assist organizations by offering space for classes, volunteering our time through mentoring, creating drives for the collection of needed items, and helping others expand their educational horizons. In this area, we work with organizations like Freedom School, Highland Renaissance Academy, and Right Moves for Youth.

Healthcare: Concern for the physical well-being of others prompts these volunteers to reach out to better the health situations of those directly related to St. John’s and those who may never have heard of us. This group works with Charlotte Rescue Mission, National Alliance on Mental Illness, and Care Ring.

HomelessnessThis group works to provide sufficient housing, food services, clothing, and counseling to the homeless. Our heartfelt desire to meet the needs of the homeless and impoverished souls enables us to partner with Room in the Inn, Charlotte Family Housing, and Roof Above.

HungerThese volunteers work with food drives, meal delivery, and raising money for local and international agencies tasked with ending hunger. The organizations with whom they partner are CROP Walk, Friendship Trays, Loaves and Fishes, and Second Harvest Food Bank.

PeacebuildingThis group has a serious commitment to the issues our community faces. Much attention is given to the ways that we relate to other religious groups, other races, and other cultures. These servants seek to meet the needs in our community through groups such as Raising South Sudan, Habitat for Humanity, and Mecklenburg Ministries.

It is always a hope that individuals and families alike will find a way to serve Charlotte with us. We invite you to join us in service. Simply contact the church, and we will gladly connect you to a team and help you impact Charlotte with God’s love even as we seek to do the same!

Click here to download a PDF of our current Mission Resource Team Booklet to learn more about each area of missions in which we are involved!