Peace Building

We’re building a place for God in our community, in the hearts and homes of people.  Whether it is building a home, building a school in Sudan, or mentoring at-risk youth, we seek to be a servant church. Would you serve, too?

Through our connection with various groups in Charlotte, we seek to live Christ’s example of inclusion and caring by developing relationships across cultural, racial, religious, and societal lines.

Opportunities to Serve

Baptist Peace Fellowship

With offices located in our building, this group links Baptists who envision a world of peace rooted in justice to one another. Resources and training are available to educate and inspire people of faith to transform their beliefs into practical actions. Volunteers are needed to help with clerical work or to host visitors from out of town.

Mecklenburg Ministries

Nonprofit Mecklenburg Ministries promotes interfaith relationships, fosters racial and ethnic understanding, and inspires collaboration to address social issues.  Volunteers participate in workshops, conferences, services, and help with clerical projects.

Raising South Sudan/ Mothering Across Continents Ministry

In 2001, St. John’s established a mentoring program to pair young refugees from South Sudan with volunteers to assist them in acclimation to life in the US and Charlotte. Those relationships have evolved from helping to ones of mutually enriching friendships across cultural lines. Our Sudanese ministry lets us support a campaign to build schools in South Sudan. This venture is led by James Lubo Mijak, one of the Sudanese who came to St. John’s as a refugee. The funding support is through Mothering Across Continents.

Habitat for Humanity

Believing that homeownership transforms lives, promotes dignity, and enhances self-esteem, Habitat for Humanity provides opportunities for people and organizations to experience the power of working together to transform lives and improve the quality of life in our community. Every other year in June, St. John’s youth and adults build a home on St. John’s Island in South Carolina.

Hospitality House

Hospitality House provides a comfortable “home” to families in medical crisis. It provides 22 rooms to give families a place to rest, have a meal, and take care of personal needs like laundry and checking email. It is located on Scott Avenue across from CMC-Main. Volunteers are needed to work at the front desk, provide meals, collect items for use at the house, and provide a listening ear for guests.

Sowing Seeds of Hope

Cecelia Beck, who is associated with our partner, CBF, lives in a neighborhood in northeast Shelby that has many challenges. She seeks to form deep relationships with neighbors, to walk alongside, and encourage them to have hope. Much of her ministry focuses on children who frequent her doorstep. She welcomes them to her home on a daily basis and offers hospitality. She also takes them to church, church activities, meals, and other outings. She shares the Cleveland County Potato Project with her neighbors, many of whom have little to no food in their homes. Needs include Walmart or grocery store gift cards as well as BP gas cards. Individuals and teams are always welcome to come and help.

Center for Community Transition

This organization strengthens the community by helping those with criminal records navigate paths toward healthy and productive lives. There are many volunteer opportunities including supporting educational classes and mentoring.




If you have an interest in volunteering or supporting St. John’s missions in peacebuilding use the form below to contact our church office.  A minister or lay volunteer coordinator will follow-up and find the best way for you to be involved.