Serving through Education

We are shaping lives for the future, offering our knowledge, our skills, our time, and our talents to educate tomorrow’s leaders.  Together we are mentors and friends, helping children and adults grasp the language and concepts of our culture, helping others find their skills, their knowledge, and their talents to soar to new heights. We seek to be a servant church. Would you serve, too?

St. John’s affiliations assist us as a church family in reaching out to many groups. Often these are government sponsored groups whose funding needs may be insufficient.

At St. John’s we seek to assist organizations in their educational needs by offering space for meetings or classes, by volunteering our time through mentoring, by creating drives for collection of needed items, and by helping others expand their educational horizons.


Freedom School at QC Family Tree

During the summer, elementary-aged scholars improve their reading skills in the morning by engaging in a literacy curriculum written by the Children’s Defense Fund. In the afternoon, the young scholars go on wild adventures and participate in enrichment activities led by community volunteers. Volunteers are needed to read to children during the morning Harambee pep rally and also for on-site activities in the afternoon.


Highland Renaissance Academy

highland ren academySt. John’s has supported this Title I elementary school for many years by providing uniforms at the beginning of the school year and weekend food backpacks for 15 students throughout the year.




Right Moves for Youth

right-moves-logoRight Moves for Youth (RMFY) is a school-based program that serves students in grades 6-12.  RMFY collaborates with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, the Mecklenburg County Sherriff’s Office, and other community partners using a weekly group mentoring model to empower students to graduate from high school with a plan for their future success. Volunteer Mentors are asked to work with staff to assist with a group at a school site one hour a week. Volunteer Resource Guides are asked to share information with students regarding their career and experiences a few times a year.

Community Culinary School

Provides culinary training and life skills management training. Addresses hunger at its root cause–unemployment. We provide money through our budget. Volunteers may attend the meal events or use Encore Catering, the for-profit arm of the school, for events.

HEART Math Tutoring

Opportunities to help elementary students to build math skills are available at various locations.

St. John’s Weekday School

Our Weekday School provides a safe and loving opportunity for children 6 months-5 years of age. Caring, qualified adults convey God’s love to each child. The Kendrick Garden Transitional Kindergarten Program is also available for 5 year-olds.

Alliance Center for Education HeadStart

This government funded program helps preschoolers begin the transition to the public school system and makes it’s home here for the school year. Any given week you will find our halls filled with little people who are expanding their hearts and minds.



If you have an interest in volunteering or supporting St. John’s missions in education use the form below to contact our church office.  A minister or lay volunteer coordinator will follow-up and find the best way for you to be involved.