St. John’s Baptist Church

Worship | Sundays @ 10:30am

Men's Fellowship

The Men’s Fellowship provides an opportunity for all men to
come together to encourage and strengthen their faith in Christ.

Men in Ministry

St. John’s has a vibrant men’s ministry dedicated to fostering fellowship and spiritual growth among its members. Led by passionate leaders, the ministry offers a diverse range of opportunities for men to connect and support one another. From monthly breakfast meetings to organized sports leagues and service opportunities, there are ample chances for camaraderie and bonding. Through these initiatives, the men’s ministry at St. John’s Baptist Church serves as a cornerstone for building strong relationships and strengthening the faith of its members.

Brotherhood of
the Biscuit

A group for young men of all ages, the Brotherhood of the Biscuit features a regular monthly breakfast meeting for fun, fellowship and fraternity and additional group service and social opportunities throughout the year.

E-mail us for more information.

Men’s Softball and Basketball Teams

Each winter, a men’s basketball team forms for church league competition. However, if you are interested in being part of a pick-up game group or two, please contact the church office for times and contact persons. Each spring and summer, a men’s softball teams is formed to provide fun and fellowship. Our recreation ministry is pleased to offer these options for involvement and building of relationships.

Church Work Projects

From time to time, many will participate in a workday at the church campus to do maintenance and upkeep on our building and grounds, realizing that we are to be good stewards of our church campus and its resources. Of course, all are welcome to attend these kinds of projects, not only those who identify as male.

Community Work Projects

Work projects include care for Hope Chapel and doing maintenance for senior adults and home-bound persons among our St. John’s membership. These occur on an as needed basis.

Meal Preparation

Men and women prepare occasional intergenerational meals at the church as well as cooking/grilling for special events throughout the year. 

Upcoming Events

Weekday School

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