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Our Missions

“We will be a servant church, recognizing the infinite worth of every person and believing that Christ has called us to active involvement on behalf of human brotherhood.”
-St. John’s Covenant


 St. John’s affiliations assist us in reaching out to many groups. Often, these are government-sponsored groups whose funding needs may be insufficient. We seek to assist organizations by offering space for classes, volunteering our time through mentoring, creating drives for the collection of needed items, and helping others expand their educational horizons. In this area, we work with organizations like Freedom School, Highland Renaissance Academy, and Right Moves for Youth.

We are shaping lives for the future, offering our knowledge, our skills, our time, and our talents to educate tomorrow’s leaders.  Together we are mentors and friends, helping children and adults grasp the language and concepts of our culture, helping others find their skills, their knowledge, and their talents to soar to new heights. We seek to be a servant church. Would you serve, too?

At St. John’s we seek to assist organizations in their educational needs by offering space for meetings or classes, by volunteering our time through mentoring, by creating drives for collection of needed items, and by helping others expand their educational horizons. See the opportunities where you can serve: Freedom School at QC Family Tree, Highland Renaissance Academy, Right Moves for Youth, HEART Math Tutoring, and St. John’s Weekday School.


Concern for the physical well-being of others prompts these volunteers to reach out to better the health situations of those directly related to St. John’s and those who may never have heard of us. This group works with Charlotte Rescue Mission, National Alliance on Mental Illness, and Care Ring.

We’re building a place for God in our community, in the hearts and homes of people. Whether it is through supporting those with addiction or through sharing a cup of coffee with a neighbor who needs an encouraging word, we seek to be a servant church. Would you serve, too?

For those in our church family who have a special concern for the physical well-being of people in our community, there are opportunities for service through several established organizations.

See the opportunities where you can serve: Charlotte Rescue Mission, National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Care Ring, Hospitality House of Charlotte, Alcoholics Anonymous, and Counseling Center at Charlotte.


This group works to provide sufficient housing, food services, clothing, and counseling to the homeless. Our heartfelt desire to meet the needs of the homeless and impoverished souls enables us to partner with Room in the Inn, Charlotte Family Housing, and Roof Above.

We’re building a place for God in our community in the hearts and homes of people.  Whether it is providing shelter to homeless families or serving a meal at the Men’s Shelter, we seek to be a servant church. Would you serve, too?

For those in the church family who have a heartfelt desire to help meet the needs of those lacking adequate shelter, we have a number of ways to serve.

See the opportunities where you can serve: Charlotte Family Housing, Hope Chapel, Habitat for Humanity, meals at the Uptown Men’s Shelter, Room in the Inn, and Roof Above.


These volunteers work with food drives, meal delivery, and raising money for local and international agencies tasked with ending hunger. The organizations with whom they partner are CROP Walk, Friendship Trays, Loaves and Fishes, and Second Harvest Food Bank.

We’re serving our community with a warm plate of food, supplies to stock pantries, and by walking to raise money to end hunger.  We’re serving our community by meeting basic needs for nourishment and through our love, striving to offer food for their souls. We seek to be a servant church. Would you serve, too?

St. John’s works in connection with local agencies to meet the needs of hungry people in our city.  We serve meals, sponsor food drives, and walk to raise funds for the hungry. Join us as we seek to minimize the issue of hunger here and abroad.

See the opportunities where you can serve: CROP Walk,  Loaves and Fishes/Friendship Trays, Highland Renaissance Academy, Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolinas, and Hunger Fund.

Peace Building

This group has a serious commitment to the issues our community faces. Much attention is given to the ways that we relate to other religious groups, other races, and other cultures. These servants seek to meet the needs in our community through groups such as Raising South Sudan, Habitat for Humanity, and Mecklenburg Ministries.

We’re building a place for God in our community, in the hearts and homes of people.  Whether it is building a home, building a school in Sudan, or mentoring at-risk youth, we seek to be a servant church. Would you serve, too?

Through our connection with various groups in Charlotte, we seek to live Christ’s example of inclusion and caring by developing relationships across cultural, racial, religious, and societal lines.

See the opportunities where you can serve: Baptist Peace Fellowship, Mecklenburg Ministries, Raising South Sudan/ Mothering Across Continents Ministry, Habitat for Humanity, Hospitality House, Center for Community Transition, Immigrant and Refugee Ministry Group, ourBridge for Kids, Refugee Support Services, and Charlotte Pride.

Children and Families

This team is composed of members who long to nurture the relationships of Charlotte’s families and their children. Through advocacy and our financial support, this team works together to make a difference. They work specifically with Crisis Assistance Ministry, and A Child’s Place.

We’re nurturing children and families in our community. We’re striving to show them God’s love. As givers and guardians, as teachers and friends, we seek to let others see the face of God in us. We are committed to strengthening the bonds of family. We seek to be a servant church. Would you serve, too?

The St. John’s family is involved in a variety of avenues for nurturing Charlotte’s children through their families. Through advocating for children and financial support of organizations committed to assisting families, we strive to make a difference. See the opportunities where you can serve: Crisis Assistance Ministry, A Child’s Place, Highland Rennaissance Academy, The Relatives & Safe Place, and QC Family Tree.

Immigrants and Refugees

St. John’s has always been a forward moving church in advocating against racism, promoting gender recognition, and promoting love and justice for all. In the 1973 rewriting of the Church Covenant we covenant together to “recognize the worth of every person with love and justice toward all.”

At St. John’s, our ministry for immigrants and refugees reflects this. Led by a dedicated team of volunteers, this ministry extends a warm welcome to newcomers, offering practical assistance, emotional support, and a sense of belonging. Through language classes, cultural orientation workshops, and advocacy efforts, St. John’s ensures that immigrants and refugees have the tools and resources they need to thrive in their new environment. Whether it’s providing legal aid, connecting families with housing, or simply offering a listening ear, the ministry at St. John’s embodies the spirit of hospitality and solidarity, fostering a community where everyone is valued and empowered to flourish.

See the opportunities where you can serve: Center for Community Transition, Immigrant and Refugee Ministry Group, ourBridge for Kids, and Refugee Support Services.

Opportunities to Serve

This agency empowers those experiencing financial difficulty in moving toward self-sufficiency. Crisis Assistance provides emergency financial assistance to help prevent evictions, utility disconnections, and hunger. In addition, Crisis Assistance provides clothing, household, and furniture assistance to low-income families.

Our Immigrant and Refugee Ministry Group works with organizations in Charlotte such as ourBridge for Kids and Refugee Support Services to help support those who are empowering and impacting the lives of immigrants in the Charlotte area in a positive way.

We are proud supporters and participants with Charlotte Pride! Charlotte Pride is the leader in LGBTQ visibility in Charlotte and the Carolinas. Charlotte Pride presents and collaborates on programs, projects, and activities, including the annual Charlotte Pride Festival and Parade, Charlotte Latine Pride, Charlotte Trans Pride, Charlotte Women’s Pride, Charlotte Pride Interfaith Programs, and Reel Out Charlotte, The Queen City’s Annual LGBTQ Film Festival, among others. Since its founding in 2000, Charlotte Pride has expanded its year-round programming and partnerships to better connect community members with its mission, vision, and values. Charlotte Pride is now one of the largest LGBTQ Pride organizations in the American Southeast.

Throughout the year on Fridays, we provide and serve a hot meal at the men’s homeless shelter in Uptown Charlotte. 

This agency supports children, families, our schools, and the community by intervening at the point of crisis when a family loses their home. St. John’s members collect Easter outfits for the children.

We work with Highland Renaissance Academy in Charlotte to provide school uniforms as well as backpacks of nutritional foods and snacks for students.

During the winter months, we are a host site to a group of men who are unhoused here in Charlotte on weekend nights. We transport our guests, serve them a warm meal, and provide a warm bed and breakfast in the morning before they go.

For decades, we have raised money and participated in the Charlotte CROP Walk to #endhunger. All monies raised during this walk in the fall season is distributed locally and globally through Crisis Assistance Ministry, Nourish Up, Second Harvest Food Bank and Church World Service. 

QC Family Tree is an intentional Christian community in the Enderly Park neighborhood of Charlotte founded by Greg and Helms Jarrell. They seek to resist Imperial Death Culture by practicing anti-racism, decentralized wealth, mutual aid, and sharing of resources. They practice accountability by working for right, equitable relationships. They practice anti-colonialism by learning about and respecting the history, traditions, elders, and stories of the land, place, and people. They commit to practices that keep us well and able to continue the long distance journey for justice. They commit ourselves to intervene and interrupt individual and collective generational trauma by sustaining practices for our collective physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental wellbeing, knowing that this healing and resilience is already and always accessible and available.

Join Us In Service

It is always a hope that individuals and families alike will find a way to serve Charlotte with us. Simply contact the church, and we will gladly connect you to a team and help you impact Charlotte with God’s love even as we seek to do the same!

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