St. John’s Baptist Church

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Women's Fellowship

A safe, welcoming environment where women can come together to make a difference.

Women of the Church

For many years, St. John’s has had a special ministry for women to nurture and support one another called “Women of the Church.” The purpose of this organization is to minister to one another and in that process, nurture and support each other, providing opportunities for spiritual growth and intergenerational friendships. We know women play a pivotal role in ministry at St. John’s, contributing their unique perspectives, talents, and leadership to all aspects of church life. Through yearly retreats, book studies, prayer groups, Sunday growth groups, and service projects, women are encouraged to explore their faith, discover their gifts, and make a positive impact both within the church and beyond. 

Craft Class

At St. John’s, the craft class offers a creative outlet for members to explore various crafting techniques and projects. Among the popular activities are the knitting and crochet groups, where participants gather to share skills, patterns, and camaraderie to make baby blankets and hats for new babies in our congregation. This circle provides not only a space for honing craft skills but also fosters deep connections and a sense of community among attendees.

Book Study Groups

We host engaging book studies throughout the week, delving into works by acclaimed authors such as Anne Lamott, Barbara Brown Taylor, Amy G. Oden, and many others. Through insightful discussions and reflections, participants explore themes of faith, resilience, and personal growth, creating a nurturing environment for spiritual exploration and connection.

Care Committee

The Care Committee at St. John’s exemplifies compassion by offering meals and services to support grieving families in their time of need following the loss of a loved one. With heartfelt dedication, committee members coordinate and serve a meal during such difficult times, allowing families to focus on healing and remembrance. Through these acts of kindness, the Care Committee embodies the church’s commitment to providing comfort and support to those navigating the challenges of loss and bereavement.

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