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December 2, 2020: God’s Hands

December 2, 2020

God’s Hands

By Ashley and Wanny Hogewood

I had a winter coat that was not fancy, but it was warm. It was olive drab with a red, wool lining. Several years ago on a cold December night, I wore it to serve guests at St. John’s Room in the Inn. The Seeker’s Class had prepared a hardy supper and the night went well with the 12 guests and our class members eating and sharing thoughtful conversations.

After cleaning up, Dale Johnson observed one of the fellows – an ample sized guy – had only a sweatshirt as  outerwear on that cold night.

Wanny remedied that in a minute saying, “Ashley, your coat will be a good fit. Why don’t you give it to him?”

I said, “You are right,” and gave him my coat.

That is as near a hand of God story as I have. I do not tend to think of God’s hands. My mind does not process symbols well. I’m way more pragmatic. However, as a practical matter, I see our reaction to circumstance and our relationship to people as the reality and the image of how God is able to have hands. The suppers, conversations, and coats constitute my concept of how things will get better. Our world will be kinder and sorrow may be reduced.
I don’t know how God uses our actions. That is left in God’s hands. I do know we will not move toward a better, caring world without each of us acting with the love instilled in us by our God.