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December 24, 2020: Is There Something Waiting to Be Born in Us Today?

December 24, 2020

Is There Something Waiting to Be Born in Us Today?

By Kathy Bragg

On the morning of October 29, after hurricane Zeta blew through the Charlotte region, throwing wind gusts and heavy rain on all of us, I was on my way to the barn to feed the horses. This morning was nothing like the one before. It was clean, washed, sunny and crisp. Once at the barn, I began to attend to my chores, feeding the horses and cleaning things up. As I worked, I was listening to a new musical composition by Kevin Gray on my phone. One little pony was munching away on her feed. The other one, Buttercup, was on the other side of the barn gate, standing beside the fence, dozing in the warm sunshine. Once Kevin’s piece was over, the phone began to play the next thing to come up, which was the “Messiah.” I was surprised by the coincidence since I had Mallory’s request that I write a piece for the Advent booklet on my mind. As the first familiar and lovely notes of the overture rang through the barn, I saw Buttercup’s ears prick up, her head turned quickly toward the barn, she moved closer to the gate of the barn hallway, and she appeared to be on high alert. Now I can’t say for sure, of course, that she was responding to the music, but perhaps she was. What I do know is that her attention to something new in her morning made me think of the wonder of the Advent season, the coming of God into our world in human form, and being born there every day in us. What makes us stop to wonder, to notice or to pay attention to all that God has given us? In what ways do we respond to this greatest gift of all? Are we making ready to discover something new, to find God becoming real in our lives today? What will we see? What will we hear? Who will we see? Who will we hear? Is there something waiting to be born in us today? “And the Glory, the Glory of the Lord shall be revealed, shall be revealed…”