St. John’s Baptist Church

Worship | Sundays @ 10:30am

2022 Summer Worship Series


There is a great deal of unnecessary confusion over the Book of Revelation. This book at the end of Christian scriptures was written as a public pastoral letter to scattered disciples amidst religious and political transformation. We have this in common with those disciples of the first century. We are living in a time of religious and political transformation. In the first century, followers of Jesus dispersed into cities throughout Asia Minor. History tells us there was persecution during those days. John, the beloved Apostle, was imprisoned on the island of Patmos. He had served as pastor in Ephesus. From Patmos, he wrote to seven scattered collections of Christians which were called churches because they had responded to the call of Jesus. Through this summer, Dr. Foust will offer sermons on these seven passages treating them as iMessages to St. John’s from the first century.

Sunday, June 12

Worship Theme:         An iMessage On Spiritual Renewal

Sermon Title:              “Renewing More Than Vows”

Scripture Reading:      Revelation 1:9-20 and 2:1-7

Sunday, June 19

Worship Theme:         An iMessage On Perseverance

Sermon Title:              “Recalculating”

Scripture Reading:      Revelation 2:8-11 and 2:12-17

Sunday, June 26

Worship Theme:         An iMessage On Diligence

Sermon Title:              “Do/Due Diligence”

Scripture Reading:      Revelation 2:18-29

July 3

Guest Proclaimer:       Rev. Steve Harmon, PhD

Worship Theme:         An iMessage On Church & State

Sermon Title:              “Standing Firm for Freedom”

Scripture Reading:      Galatians 5:1-15

July 10

Worship Theme:         An iMessage On Awakening

Sermon Title:              “A Rip Van Winkle Church”

Scripture Reading:      Revelation 3:1-6

July 17

Worship Theme:         An iMessage On Holding Fast

Sermon Title:              “The Power You Have”

Scripture Reading:      Revelation 3:7-13

July 24

Worship Theme:         An iMessage On Welcoming Jesus

Sermon Title:              “Responding to the Knock”

Scripture Reading:      Revelation 3:14-22