St. John’s Baptist Church

Worship | Sundays @ 10:30am

Where Dawn Begins

by Dennis W. Foust, Senior Minister

Have you ever been in the mountains and waited for dawn? Have you ever been still and silent watching the glimmers appear when the sun defines the horizon separating what is near and far? Have you ever witnessed morning light emerge until brightness unfolds to present a new day? If so, you have seen a miracle.

During these days, I am watching a miracle appear in the life of St. John’s. It is as if I am noticing light turn toward light as new visions provide increased dimensions of detail. Let me describe what I am seeing on the horizon’s edge.

Our Deaconate, guided by Russell Norris is providing exemplary leadership. Russell is coordinating the efforts of the Church Council as they weave together the efforts of our three Deacon panels: Pastoral, Administrative, and Ministries. Together, the leaders of these Deacon panels are facilitating and resourcing the initiatives of Resource Teams, Task Forces, and Ministry Groups. Here are some of the glimmers.

Our members are initiating, responding, and participating in ways that reflect spiritual renewal.

  • Our Messaging and Media Resource Team is making detailed progress on our new website.
  • Our Mission Resource Team is providing balanced efforts in all pathway areas of missional service.
  • Our Immigrant and Refugee Resource Team is involving our members in compassionate ministry.
  • Our House and Grounds Resource Team is developing a plan to improve HVAC equipment.
  • Our Technology Resource Team is developing a plan to improve our sound system.
  • Our Membership Resource Team and Worship Resource Team are both reigniting their efforts.
  • Our Music Ministry is beginning a new season with the arrival of Russell Nelson.
  • Our School of the Arts is beginning a new outreach program of KinderMusik for preschoolers.
  • Our Ministry for Children and Their Families is doing so well under Kheresa Harmon’s leadership.
  • Our Youth Ministry is planning for Youth Sunday on February 4 with Haley Blackwell guiding.
  • Our Congregational Care Ministry continues to expand under Lee Gray’s compassionate vision.
  • Our Administrative Ministries are becoming increasingly stronger with Amanda Morrison.
  • Our Financial Ministries are being fulfilled with excellence by Kim Ray and Bob Weidaw.
  • Our visions for expanding and improving efforts of outreach and hospitality are gaining focus.
  • Our community basketball ministry is offering fun and purposeful relationships for young people.
  • Our plans for Heritage Sunday include Wake Forest Divinity School Dean, Dr. Corey D. B. Walker.
  • Our staff will be going away to the mountains for a planning retreat on February 18 – 20.
  • And we are planning another church-wide visioning effort: CONVERGE on Sunday, April 21.

Light upon light. New visions are emerging providing increased dimensions of detail. I am seeing new energies, increased focus, and expanding efforts in ministry and mission. You are a wonderful church, and you are building a better world.

Dawn begins as light penetrates darkness revealing what is already there but is unseen. Over time, I have learned that spiritual dawning begins in the hearts of God’s people. Thank you for allowing me to see the miracle where dawn begins.