St. John’s Baptist Church

Worship | Sundays @ 10:30am

Please Put CONVERGE on Your Calendar!

You have the opportunity to help shape the future of St. John’s. On Sunday, April 21, we will gather for a church-wide conversation. This is one of the ways we practice local church autonomy. Our Church Council desires your input into the vision process.

We had our first CONVERGE in 2011 followed every three years until the pandemic. Now that we are in the last months of our Renew – Regather – Reconnect emphasis, we want to use this spring to focus our resources, energies, and efforts on shared goals for the next few years.

Through late February and March, you will hear from members of the church on Sunday mornings as we begin to think together about various aspects of St. John’s life and ministries. We will use the six covenant statements in our St. John’s Church Covenant as we share information and gather feedback: Worship, Stewardship, Spiritual Growth and Learning, Relationships and Fellowship, Joyful Witness, and Servant Church.

In recent years, we have focused our efforts on these five emphases:

  1. Enlarging our missional impact upon the city of Charlotte.
  2. Increasing our emphasis on spiritual growth.
  3. Focusing our attentiveness on families with children, youth, and young adults.
  4. Engaging with guests through enhanced ministries of outreach, messaging, and media.
  5. Expanding our expressions of congregational care.

Please put April 21 on your calendar. Be here! Participate! Help make St. John’s stronger!

Here is a good reason why you must invest in our future.

Last Sunday, we experienced a joyful day as our youth led us in worship. Through the leadership of Haley Blackwell, our students guided us to remember how being a good neighbor builds a stronger community. These youth are not only part of today’s church, but they are also part of our future.

Let us be open to change while preserving the principles that are foundational for us.

Let’s CONVERGE our commitments and visions as we plan for the future!