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Easter Calls Us to Do More than Waddle into the Future

You may know the story from Danish theologian and philosopher, Soren Kierkegaard. His parable reminds us how Easter calls us to realize the power of God within our lives.

Every Sunday the ducks waddle out of their houses and waddle down Main Street into their duck church. They waddle into the sanctuary and squat in their proper pews. The duck choir waddles in and takes its place. Then the duck minister comes forward and opens up the duck Bible. And the duck minister says, “Ducks! God has given you wings! With wings you can fly! With wings you can mount up and soar like eagles! No walls can confine you. No fences can limit you. You need no longer to live in the tomb of condemnation. You have wings and you can fly!” All the ducks shouted, “Amen! Amen!” And then they all waddled home.

Beloved, let us soar.

As we move beyond Easter Sunday, we set our sights on Sunday, April 21 and CONVERGE, our congregational conversation to set direction for the next three years and beyond.

The message of Jesus’ empty tomb inspires us to move toward new heights. Our world needs churches like St. John’s to be clear in our ministry approaches as we continue the ministry of Jesus. In so many places today, we see how the global Church is in conflict against itself. Some are giving up on the Church because of their despondency and some are trading in God’s Church for Christian nationalism.

Continue to pray for CONVERGE and the months ahead as we bring together our visions and resources for unified effort. Our future is in our hands.

Why waddle when we can fly?