St. John’s Baptist Church

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Taylor Swift, Wilson Phillips, and the Future

This Sunday, in Broach Hall, my sermon will give attention to some women I admire:

Taylor Swift, Carnie Wilson, Wendy Wilson, and Chynna Phillips.

My hope is that all Swifties will hear something new in the 23rd Psalm.

In one of his sonnets, Malcolm Guite paints a picture using words:

Tangled in time, we go by hints and guesses,

Turning the wheel of each returning year.

But in the midst of failures and successes

We sometimes glimpse the love that casts out fear.

Beloved, this coming Sunday, April 21, you are entering a new future.

Yes, there will be some hints and guesses and failures and successes.

If you would like to see the questions that can be explored by you this Sunday at 9:00 in Broach Hall during CONVERGE, you may find them here:

My prayer is that you will shape the future with hopeful realism. My prayer is that you will bring a deep spiritual commitment to a shared vision. This will be the mortar that will build strong connections for you in the years ahead.

May you imagine new possibilities for God’s mission? May you provide the love that casts out fear?

Ready or not…here comes the future!

And there is nothing you must face that God’s people have not faced in the past.

The Lord is YOUR SHEPHERD. That’s all you need.

Everything else – shake it off and hold on!