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December 11, 2020: Offering the Powerful Spirit of Your Hands

December 11, 2020

Offering the Powerful Spirit of Your Hands

By Nancy Fuller

“But I only have two hands!!!” sighs the tired and overwhelmed Mom (might have been me).

From my perspective, the problem isn’t that we only have two of them. Instead, I think it is the disconnect between our heart, brain, and hands. How in the world can we take care of it all? We can’t, so we need to honor and value the importance of the two hands we’re given.

Take a minute to really look at your hands. They carry the journey of your life. All of the clenched fists of anger, twiddling thumbs of impatience, outstretched fingers asking for help, open palms waiting for gifts of love. We carry many experiences through the miracle of our hands; the touching of skin and fur, of earth and water, of heat and cold. The feel of all the wonderful things that God has provided for us. Now, look at your hands again and see them as the extension of God’s hands. They are still the same hands but with an added awareness of their
power and purpose and responsibility. During this time of Advent, consciously feel your hands absorbing the love of others and the peace of our earth. Try to send out the energy of hope and joy to others. This Advent season will be different from those of the past but it is up to us to make it wonderful and meaningful. Don’t be afraid to offer the powerful spirit of your hands to others.