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December 5, 2020: This Is Where I Need to Be

December 5, 2020

This Is Where I Need to Be

By Keith Towery

When I came to St. John’s, I showed up at the Beacon Sunday School class. I wanted to study the scriptures and get to know some of the men of the church. Our class began with going around the table sharing about the week, and then we would get to the lesson. We shared about golf scores, college sports scores, doctor appointments, travels, children, grandchildren, dogs and new restaurants. We read the scripture and discussed how it related to our lives today. I always left for worship feeling peace and joy. It was nice to be part of the fellowship of the Beacon Class. At that time, I was experiencing great uncertainty in my career. The company I worked for was being sold, and I was working in a frustrating and unpredictable environment.

One Monday, as I pushed the elevator button and the door opened, I decided, in my mind, to ask the entire Beacon Class to get on the elevator with me, and ride up to my office. I thought if I had all of these mentors helping me all day, albeit in my mind, maybe I could leave with some of that peace and joy at the end of the day, rather than disillusionment and fear. I decided to choose peace and joy. The Beacon Class members were God’s hands working in my life.

During this season of Advent, I am grateful that the people of St. John’s have been God’s hands of hope, peace, joy and love. I am also grateful for the opportunities to stand beside other folks at St. Johns experiences hope while making a bed for a guest of room in the inn, peace while watering the memorial garden, joy participating in a Bible study, and love while serving banana pudding at the men’s shelter. This is where I need to be.