St. John’s Baptist Church

Worship | Sundays @ 10:30am

Showing Up and Moving Forward

A Pastoral Note from Dennis                              

Greetings along this journey of gathering!

Thank you for SHOWING UP!

  • Sunday Morning Growth Groups are now gathering on Sundays.
  • Our Chancel Choir has re-established its Wednesday evening rehearsals.
  • Every Sunday, I am seeing additional people SHOW UP in the sanctuary.
  • You are SHOWING UP with increased regularity, re-establishing pre-COVID habits and patterns.
  • I look forward to seeing more of you MORE OFTEN in the next few weeks in our safe and sacred spaces.
  • You are also SHOWING UP in other commitments, collaborations, and visions that connect us. Thank you!
  • Through the first 9 months of this year, you have given your tithes and offerings faithfully. Thank you!
  • You are striving toward surpassing this year’s Global Mission Offering goal of $25,000. Thank you!
  • In service and in church leadership, you are beginning this new church year with energy and vitality. Thank you!

Now, we begin MOVING FORWARD!

  • Remember, in March 2022, we begin our second century as a local church. Over the next four Sundays, I will offer four sermons to introduce our church’s centennial celebration.
  • Through this autumn and winter, we anticipate our children to begin their opportunities for vaccinations and an increasing number of adults and youth will be able to receive boosters.
  • On Sunday evening, October 24, we will host the virtual Charlotte Pride Interfaith Service.
  • We will participate in the CROP Walk on Sunday, November 7. Register HERE to donate or join our team!
  • We will enjoy a Food Truck Fellowship on Sunday, November 14.
  • We will enter our envisioning and commitment process for our Financial Ministry Plan Budget for 2022.
  • We will celebrate our beautiful traditions through the seasons of Advent and Christmas.
  • We will move forward by returning to our regular patterns of participation.