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From the Heritage Room: June 28, 2022

If you have not yet had a chance to view them, the 1950’s exhibits in the hallway will be on display for several more weeks.

A few more notes about the 1950’s—

Training Union on Sunday nights was a BIG event, for adults, old and young, and older children. There were competitions on the topics covered which included Bible Sword Drills, at the church, associational, and state levels. An elaborate Valentine’s Banquet was held to recognize the achievements of those in the program.

In April 1951, Dr. Broach declined an offer to teach at Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville. He told the church, “I find myself unable to overcome the conviction that I should remain at St. John’s”.

In September 1951, the church added an Associate Deacon Board for younger men to prepare for church leadership. Each of the Deacons chose a younger man to “mentor” from a list of nominees prepared by the Committee to nominate deacons.

In November 1951, opposition was voiced to the naming of an American ambassador to the Vatican. Dr. Broach preached a sermon entitled “Sweet Land of Liberty” concerning the separation of church and state that addressed the ambassador appointment. The church newsletter indicates that the church received over 6500 requests for a copy of the sermon. The church adopted a resolution in opposition on November 7, 1951. (The Heritage Room does not have a copy but is searching for one).

In December 1951, the Family News noted that Billy Graham was speaking at the Charlotte Armory Auditorium “in the interest of the temperance movement”.

In 1953, the Southern Baptist Convention introduced the Girls’ Auxiliary (GA) Forward Steps program through the Women’s Missionary Union (WMU). The St. John’s program was initially led by Betty Gilreath (who later became State WMU President). As girls progressed through the various levels, they learned about missions and memorized Bible verses. An awards ceremony, aptly called Coronation, recognized their achievements at various levels, Maiden, Ladies in Waiting, Queens, and Queen Regent. (Please see Nancy Fuller or Teri Franklin if you want more details. They were both very active in the GA program at St. John’s).

In December 1953, the Mecklenburg Baptist Association was working toward the organization of a new Baptist Church to be located at the corner of what was then Old Sardis Road and Hunter Lane—now the site of Providence Baptist. The St. John’s Board of Deacons adopted a resolution in support of the new church even if some of the members of St. John’s might be part of the initial congregation.

In January 1956, St. John’s was asked by the Association to be a sponsor of another new church on Sunset Road. The church’s support of Sunset Road lasted for many years.