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CONVERGE: Where Waters Emerge and Merge Offering Renewed Power

The photo accompanying this article was taken less than an hour from my birthplace of Poplar Bluff, Missouri in the southeastern corner of that state. This is Big Spring; one of the largest underground natural springs in the world. It is part of the National Park Service. Big Spring is enormous and powerful producing about 286 million gallons of water each day; enough to cover 878 acres. No exploration has ever successfully identified the underground source of the water. The force of the water always pushes explorers back to the surface.

On Sunday, April 21, we will CONVERGE in Broach Hall prior to worship. Over recent weeks, we have responded to questions expressing visions, concerns, perspectives, ideas, etc. regarding various ministries of the church. These responses will flow into our conversations on April 21. From those discussions, additional power will be produced for future ministry efforts. 

Over the years, I have enjoyed learning how Big Spring is the point of origin of the Current River which gains strength and power along the way as it flows into the Black River which is a tributary of the White River that eventually flows into the Mississippi River feeding the Gulf of Mexico and merging with the waters of the world. Someday, we may learn the waters of the oceans filter through the crust of Earth’s surface to emerge again with renewed energies from underground springs.

I look forward to CONVERGING with you on April 21. Please join me in praying that we will discern God’s leadership as we flow into the future and gain strength along the way. During the next three years, we will transition into new experiences as a church. We need to embrace changes that accompany God’s power of creative energy.. In the next few months, all of this fresh water will reveal the priorities God is leading us to explore.